LeaderTracker™ by Accredited Portfolios, LLC is an extremely powerful and flexible cloud-based, Software-as-Solution (SAS) product initially designed to serve the education and performance improvement marketplace.

This unique software product was designed using a grant from the Wallace Foundation to reduce challenges to schools and districts in fulfilling their respective obligations for education leader development and performance management.

The LeaderTracker solution is combined with expert consulting support and coaching by the Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIfPI.org) to help schools and school districts improve performance in their unique local contexts. These Leaders use the tool to monitor the evidence of performance against defined goals and provide clear expectations, feedback and coaching anytime and anywhere.

The system’s Social Media functionality allows the development of groups, sharing of information and artifacts and online asynchronous collaboration. Expert panels can easily provide coaching across time and distance when local schools do not have access to that expertise locally.  

LeaderTracker™ supports internships, on-the-job practice, and residency experiences which allow developing leaders to do real work in real schools at the time that work needs to happen, thus allowing authentic practice.

The Institute helps leaders build customized competency models and development plans which reduce time to competency. After authentic practices are assigned – supervisors, trainers and coaches can communicate to determine the development and support that will be provided, schedule the practices, provide “permission to practice,” and sign off on completion of goals. 

LeaderTacker’s Electronic portfolios allow individual leaders to collect evidence of performance, proficiency and results which can be used to support job searches, share practices with peers and showcase good work

Cloud storage enables individuals to access their portfolios, professional reflection journals and groups even if they change employers, thus allowing their portfolios to follow them throughout their careers.

The Institute for Performance Improvement assigns Certified School Improvement Specialists (CSIS) with expertise in performance and talent management, as well as demonstrated proficiency in facilitating sustainable and systemic improvement, to support implementation of LeaderTracker™. These experts have earned evidence-based certification of proficiency working in real schools by the International Society for Performance Improvement. (www.ISPI.org).                

The e-portfolio system easily adapts to support teacher development, collaborative planning and assessment. It can be used to manage students’ articulation between technical, academic, university and internship assignments. 

Accredited Portfolios, LLC and the Institute for Performance Improvement, L3C are jointly seeking national channel partners with existing brand strength in the P-20 sector to take LeaderTracker™ and the related technical assistance to scale. 

For more information, contact Deb Page, President of The Institute for Performance Improvement at (678) 428-2363 in Atlanta, GA. or Rick King of Accredited Portfolios at (561) 922-8902 in Boca Raton, FL.