Fueling the Culinary Arts with Richard Grausman

Mr. Grausman your inspiring story is written very well. Your pathway in life doing it has served thousands. We are so honored you shared this with us.

Today’s information is so loud and abundant that most never hear or see it.

The World is fragmented and your story makes it very clear the challenges of the education system. Our personal struggles can relate to many in need, yet many are in no comparison to those who have suffered the worst of it. The struggles are real connecting those in need with Mentors to learn.

As you pointed out how to read who instead drop out of school adding to the misguided directions when reaching adulthood or worst yet increasing the number of suicides. When I read your story you posted here of the grassroots and the movement you started that created pathways, it’s the truth and why you were successful with C-CAP and how your formula for hands on is so important.

Education is not a sardine factory everyone has a different requirement and offering a tech-methodology to teach it is important.

Bringing home economics back to the school system and teaching it in progression to the learners is critical for growing family values and skills. The C-19 Pandemic has brought the technology of online learning to the forefront, i.e tech like Zoom. Now with Path Panels of Mentors who are from 8 different places (school, work, and areas of life) and putting them in a Group to manage Career Path Plans virtually is where many hearts can be developed. Improve the online methodology for teaching education and correcting the fragmentation. Intuitive yet a very simple tool for transferring knowledge customized to each learner (1 learner 8 mentors) that develops growth plans that excels the learning candidate. Lowering the drop out rate and suicides and putting our youth in the right track for success and the American Dream. God bless you and everything you have done for the industry and those in need. Read the details of Mr. Grausman’s story and learn how he helped over 300,000 students!


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