Coaching Mentees from a Distance

“Growth Plans”


Corporate options are different today and how we train our trainers and train our employees as with delivering to shorter attention spans, connecting with people, diverse groups, not just on who they are but where they are.

Online learning has come a long way! We still have a long ways to go!

In 2009, when we designed LeaderTracker we designed it in an environment with the exact same type of problems that other organizations are expressing today. What we want to stress that LeaderTracker was not a management learning system – MLS. We expected large organizations to already have an MLS in place.

“The LeaderTracker toolkit was designed to operate in the space between the trainer, the organization, the supervisor, and the individual.”

Candidates are being prepared or inducted into roles, trained for roles, being coached in giving feedback and are advancing through their career roles. Sometimes the people who may have the expertise may need to connect, may not be in the same Store, State, Organization, or Country.

This gives us an opportunity to connect these individuals with each other in a way that provides MODERN MENTORING TOOLS and virtual training environments 24/7 “Synchronous & Asynchronous” with a light touch. It also gives us an opportunity to work with someone in a class who attended a seminar in Chicago, but lives in Seattle, where the person is being trained is entering back into the work environment and the supervisor can work with them to make sure that they put what they’ve learned is transferred into practice and given feedback. LeaderTracker was very simple to use tool that had social media functions that allowed individuals and groups to create a plan for someone, to manage that plan, and both the trainers and supervisors were able to connect with any expert panel that might have to connect to serve their needs.

Today our Baby Boomer transition is moving out our long-term expertise and moving in those working learners looking to enquire experience from people especially from middle and upper management. What we need today is a tool that will allow an organization to create groups that can be accessed virtually synchronizing in connecting with them in real time or by leaving a question or placing a document or file for the person (Coach) to review, allowing that person who is on an expert panel to give feedback. An expert path panel that can seat 8 Mentors to 1 Learner offer more then one insight on the subject matter. This transfers critical knowledge must faster. It also allows during group training sessions and breaking them up into groups across the country that you can network with to accomplish goals and initiatives to optimize business best practices.

Let’s collaborate to get real work done!

Every business & industry needs access to Mentoring tools that can reach outside their own Silo networks. Communications that can assist in coaching influences that provides directions to individuals and groups that can implement “Growth Plans” for different verticals. If we are to manage change and influence people for those needing coaching, we need the ability to track performance to a “Path Plan” managed by a “Path Panel” of multiple Mentors. We need a breakthrough to multiple seats within a Group, so that the coaching can be influenced by multiple instructors/mentors at the same time. Where we can either use training modules or customize the requirements pending the learning candidates personal needs.

Change the methodology today to teaching an individual from a group of students to a group of Instructors who bring a different perspective to the subject matter.

(1) learning candidate having access to a mentoring group as many as (8) coaches who are all SME’s who drive the processes for the willing learner that provides access to transfering knowledge quicker. i.e. Teacher, Employer, Role Model, Coach, etc. that can represent any learning business & industry requirement.  Where Modern Mentoring is able to award Micro-Credentials and Certifications when following the processes to completion.

It works for projects, and education initiatives.

Effectively providing performance improvement, professional development and assisting organizations with tools for capacity development.

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