Demand Your Greatness

Mr. DeAndre Carter is a graduate and Academic Advisor for Michigan State University – A Dawn Patrol Toast Masters Award Winning Speaker!

Ms. Kayman Whaley who worked with DeAndre at Michigan State University had this to say about him – “DeAndre is a driven and passionate mentor. He is goal-oriented and uses his words to infuse others with the same ambition he holds. As an adviser at Michigan State University and a professional speaker and trainer, he can equip others, especially the youth, with great advice and tools to succeed.”

DeAndre Carter is a motivational speaker, life coach and author of the upcoming book, “Demand Your Greatness” He has been inspiring people and changing lives for nearly 20 years. His unique and original messages will energize, empower and inspire YOU to become the best version of yourself. Specializing in leadership training, educational achievement and professional development DeAndre is sure to help you reach the next level in your life!

I had the pleasure to hear Mr. Carter speak at a recent all-day Ariix training seminar with Health and Wellness Consultant Ms. Jilaine Achterhof

The following video links are a few of my personal favorites that I recommend. They are very inspirational (as are all of Mr. Carter’s videos) – However the one that inspired me the most was the one he created about his personal story that represents so many others who face similar challenges. This video “Fathers Create Generational Greatness” is an inspirational experience!

“As my Blogs represent I am an advocate for helping those in need with technology particularly transitioning the Youth of America into Apprentice and Mentorship programs where this video brought an intense taste of tears & inspiration”  ~ Michael J Rutherford

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