Modern Mentoring – expert path panels / path plans

Many successul leaders, despite being extremely busy, set aside at least an hour a day (or five hours a week) over their entire career for activities that could be classified as deliberate practice…

Source: Modern Mentoring – expert path panels / path plans

A Communication System for seamless & transparent workforce development that promotes a collaborative and mentoring environment.

Most Industries are fragmented in how we share information and get work done both within our own working environments, as well as among our institutions, organizations & employers when communicating across numerous boundaries.

“Most companies, organizations & institutions work within their own information silos, where they are unable to protect & share private information with 2nd & 3rd parties securely”

Introducing the ability to share information on a platform that will provide secure, seamless and transparent solutions for white label membership based Software-as-a-Service Private Social Networks.

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MODERN MENTORING – Expert path panels connecting resources together to manage on-going path plans.

The definition of mentoring is learning through the experience of others within the context of the relationship. The reality is that mentoring within organizations has been greatly constrained to a few select programs.

“What modern mentoring is learning through your network of professional influences.It’s collaborative relational driven learning connections.”

That happens both in groups as well as an individual pair. It’s very flexible and expands geography, it’s virtual and asynchronous and it’s on demand from a relatively employee perspective.

It provides tools and methodology from basic Ad-hoc processes to importing your own learning module competency thresholds. It’s there; it is available all the time.

This information on Private Social Networks offers White Paper Solutions for Membership-based Organizations for Leadership Development. The technology connects Institutions, Employers and Working Learners together to manage expert Path Panels & Path Plans. The Modern Collaboration Mentoring Platform offers the ability to perform Life-Long Accredited Micro-Certifications in a Competency-based Learning Environment. It provides Human Resource Departments of Organizations with tools to sustain the needs for continued Membership with Life-Long Professional Career Development opportunities.

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This mentoring and social learning technology showcased in the above video delves into what makes a mentoring program truly modern.

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