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The International Society for Performance Improvement The Institute for Performance Improvement The National Restaurant Association Education Foundation American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Philanthropic endeavors researched, developed and managed for high school student-training, occupations and career development within a Web2.0 environment offered as a white label solution (Private social network for modern mentoring). Web 2.0 SaaS Platform to drive certified micro-credentials within a transfer knowledge online collaboration environment for connecting Education & Industry Leadership together for Professional Development. [Schools, Universities, Employers, Organizations and Communities] Details link:

Leadership Connect Web 2.0 Platform to drive certifications for approving micro-credentials with strong advanced SaaS software to transfer knowledge for connecting Education & Industry Leadership together for Professional Development. [Schools, Universities, Employers, Organizations and Communities] – an application-based ePortfolio communication system for Mentoring, Coaching and Developing Working Learners. The system connects students with a Path Panel of Professional Experts that provides a method to collaborate in a transparent online environment for negotiating across the board Performance-based Competency Improvement Path Plans for Succession Planning and Capacity Development.

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  • “Leadership Connect”
  • Detailed Overview HERE 


As a leader, managed sales operations & marketing for account management & service expectations for project management where the company managed over 5,800 software licenses and supported over 1,200 businesses 24/7 before being purchased by the manufacturer. As a reseller, our company deployed 30 to 40 projects per month, the specific technology served the needs for process management for cash control, marketing, customer CRM tools, financial accounting, and labor scheduling, inventory, and order entry for product preparation. The enterprise solutions included modules for above store reporting, performance improvement and business intelligence.

The projects & deployments represented the following technology:

  • Web 2.0 – Performance improvement services
  • Web 2.0 – Resource management services
  • Enterprise – Business Intelligence services
  • Enterprise – Business process management services
  • Automated Business Systems
  • Managed Services
  • Detailed Overview HERE



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