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The Technology  offers  expert  guidance,  processes  and  tools  that  support  talent management  to  increase  retention,  support  progression  planning,  professional  development, job assignments and performance management. By focusing on evidence of skill, expertise and performance,  using  electronic  portfolios,  the technology  can  help  your  organization  easily  and  efficiently focus on individuals and groups to meet your organization’s needs and impact bottom line results.

The web-based  system help teams of recruiters, reviewers, trainers, teachers  and  managers  apply proven processes to  analyze  and  project  talent needs that  assist  with  how  the  technology  processes help  plan  and  coach development for performance improvement.

  1. Collect and review evidence of individuals’ proficiency and performance.
  2. Make hiring and assignment decisions based on performance evidence.
  3. Coach, train and develop proficiency
  4. Provide performance feedback.
  5. Monitor performance outputs and results.
  6. Link developing talent with experts.

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Executive Summary

Executive Level Overview Education Sector 

The Leader Tracker solution is combined with expert consulting support and coaching by the Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIfPI.org) to help schools and school districts improve performance in their unique local contexts. These Leaders use the tool to monitor the evidence of performance against defined goals and provide clear expectations, feedback and coaching anytime and anywhere. The system’s Social Media functionality allows the development of groups, sharing of information, artifacts and online asynchronous collaboration. Expert panels can easily provide coaching across time and distance when local schools do not have access to that expertise locally. LeaderTracker™ supports internships, on-the-job practice, and residency experiences which allow developing leaders to do real working real schools at the time that work needs to happen, thus allowing authentic practice.

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Executive Summary

Supporting Talent Management in Industry

Does your organization value and develop leaders and associates as assets? Accredited Portfolios, Inc. offers expert guidance, processes and tools that support talent management to increase retention, support progression planning, professional development, job assignments and performance management. By focusing on evidence of skill, expertise and performance, API can help your organization easily and efficiently focus on individuals and groups to meet your organization’s talent needs and impact bottom line results.

Developing the type of workforce that improves organization performance and reduces the costs associated with turnover of talent requires a variety of strategies to develop talent: training, coaching, job rotations and developmental assignments.

The best ideas, improvement breakthroughs and innovations come from the talent inside your organization who are closest to the work and your guests and customers. LeaderTracker™ can help you motivate and accelerate the sharing of those practices. Need to work across organizations to orchestrate service delivery? Use LeaderTracker™ to link teams as they plan and carry out projects, and capture the lessons they learn from those projects to improve future performance. Professional

For the full story please visit: Talent Management Summary

Providing innovative technology for internal and external Education & Industry stakeholders to expand knowledge base for teaching, coaching and developing competency based professional development. Where aligning education and workforce needs resulting in a credential certification, accreditation and succession planning process that holds real value in the workplace.


“The system is designed to operate in the space between the trainer, the organization, the supervisor, and the individual. For example; The system allows for the trainer and supervisor (up to nine seats) for an expert path panel of mentors to work with the learning candidate using electronic portfolios.”

LeaderTracker™ empowers working learners to collaborate competency models with experts for knowledge transfer & career development.  A Web 2.0 Learning Environment for Human Performance Improvement What LeaderTracker™ can do for Human Performance Improvement:

  1. The system will help manage the human performance improvement that focuses on the individual and the methodology to do the right strategies and approach to get the right assessment information.
  2. Doing the assessments on why individuals will be successful, defining what the key skills and competencies are needed, identify the barriers to student success and then measure them through the learning process with evidence which is critical to teaching and learning to gauge improvement and accountability.
  3. Having the right information that allow support teams to be able to develop individuals, groups, organizations within our communities in the right areas, then to integrate those things into the way we work – the day to day practical work.

“How we work will need to change if we are going to improve our behavior”

Aligning everyone on why these skills are important Building Support for the Strategic Path Plan:

  1. Aligning a Support Team, Workgroups & Partnerships where interaction leads to greater student engagement, retention, and competence.
  2. Where the interaction of the Support Teams, Workgroups and Partnerships can be replicated across institutions and disciplines.
  3. Having the right information, the right focuses on what to do develop what skills, and then integrate the processes into the work place and making sure everyone is aligned on why we are doing these things for linking to improvement strategies and changes in practice to be effective.

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Cutting Edge Tool Kit Using Social Learning for Talent Management

  1. What is your plan for tracking outcomes?
  2. What is your plan for gainful employment?
  3. Who will guide your professional development?
  4. How will your accomplishments be tracked?
  5. How will you communicate achievements across multiple boundaries?
  6. Do your program participants and graduates have evidence of competencies that can be easily examined?

Performance Effectiveness Supporting:

  • Talent Retention
  • Assessments
  • Collaboration
  • Mentorship
  • Accreditation
  • Certification

For Team brochure please visit: Team LeaderTracker Brochure

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The Education Foundation

Solutions to prove proficiency and improve performance

“By leveraging the education foundation to be the voice of the industry for the betterment of society we are making an impact on training the majority of the American workforce. Through community services we are able to create career opportunities, channel community engagement and enhance the processes to workforce development. These efforts make an impact on employment that advances the reputation of the restaurant industry”

This system review will help to understand how to use the technology & Professional Services with your current strategies for developing an online community of practice for professional development. We can help to develop strategies to grow a lifelong learning community for industry members, educators, program graduates, and alumnus while offering revenue growth opportunities.

The suite of services and tools support:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Performance Improvement
  3. Talent Management
  4. Certification
  5. Collaboration

For the full assessment please visit: Need Assessment


A sophisticated social learning platform for professional development, performance improvement & capacity development.


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