The Ultimate Real-Estate Network System T.U.R.N.S., was developed as a software subscription model to work in conjunction with the Multiple Listing Service for Realtors, Appraisers, Lenders, and Affiliates to communicate within a dedicated network -1988-90.

The Value Prop Today is being able to get any job done through system Intergrations, and transparent communications. Connecting Community Members with ways to Serve, Support, and Assist those in need with places to Live, Work, and Play.”

Exhibit 1a – UX DESIGN

Back then the Internet, as we know it, did not exist. So providing toolkits to perform online real-estate appraisals, comp searches & reviews, and transactions possible, was very unique and disruptive – and at this time it had never been done before.

Michael Rutherford

The investment produced a working model designed to share information with real-estate professionals to communicate and offered a user license, per office with 1 seat, for $150 per month.

We know it today as the SaaS model.

The real-estate industry processes were designed for these business segments to communicate across boundaries sharing same platform.

  • Appraisers
  • Lenders
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Industry Affiliates

A system specifically designed to walk Appraisers, Real-estate Brokers, Lenders and Buyers & Sellers through the processes online for each step, for the purpose to perform, the industry best practices for searching, comparing and funding real-estate for completing transactions online.

  1. The system was populated by the appraisal real-estate data originally recorded on microfiche that was available on government county tapes ($25K per county) that was integrated with T.U.R.N.S. communication system.
  2. It provided the foundation for the industry to communicate and update through an online Electronic Data Interchange System for a monthly subscription license fee.
  3. Appraisers could update at a network level while the Sellers & Buyers who required Real Estate Comps could communicate transactions with the legal forms (Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac) by choosing the Lenders and for doing transactions online.
  4. The system provided transparent communication between resources. The security and search engine was designed to provide the industry resources for residential and commercial properties with assisting and solving the fragmented
  5. Industry challenges.
  6. It was a way for the Industry to have organized data almost in real-time back in when EDI was delayed by updating, where today it is real-time.
  7. Remember at that time you had to go to the library or the court house to search for records. T.U.R.N.S. was able to bring it to your desk!
Exhibit 1a [UX DESIGN] Michael Rutherford

The technology at the time was written in DOS, before Windows and the internet as we know it became a useful public network. This included services to share information with Affiliates (Sponsors, advertisers and other third party services that complemented the real-estate industry).

A Pioneer by the name of Robert Parker (Deceased 1994) was the investor and creator of The Ultimate Real Estate Network System T.U.R.N.S.

Robert Parker (Deceased 1994), Alan Weiner (Deceased 2001), BJ Hart, David Henderson and Michael Rutherford.


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