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A custom branded online shopping platform designed for member organizations to increase revenue and customer loyalty. A customizable application that can be uniquely managed to focus on assisting retailers, non-profits, and organizations in specific areas with business solutions to increase sales, revenues, and build customer loyalty.

Small Businesses can align Professional Resources through Hyperlocal Community Business Solutions. Often, the tools we need don’t exist, or they are scattered across various digital platforms. Our vision is to bring together a referral advisor group that can assist people in need with a faster just-in-time referral process.  Offering hyper-local connections to change the world as the power to connect is the power to change.   

An outreach marketing and revenue platform, specifically designed to provide local businesses with organized council on all the tools available in the market place and assessing the needs to promote the right loyalty programs for small to medium size businesses with current raving fans, and wanting to attract new customers and encourage repeat business from groups or organizations with driving new memberships i.e. 250 to 10,000.

Businesses receive a custom branded website and mobile app that allows them to reach existing and potential customers with their messages.

We help local businesses compete effectively with large retailers by:

  • Providing an affordable and easy way to communicate their promotions directly to their customers.
  • Increasing sales to current customers through direct digital communication.
  • Boosts customer visits and loyalty through incentive programs.
  • Using our Geolocation technology, attract new customers from our membership base.
  • Allows business owners the flexibility to easily and instantly create and customize their promotions and website.
  • Generates increased revenue and profits.

We Do The Work.

A dedicated professional team that works with each business to customize the ideal website, sales funnels, and mobile super apps to grow experiences, revenue, and sales.

Customer Direct Communication Program Includes:

Text Messaging, Emails, Push Notifications, In-store Marketing and Signup Incentives

Be up and running within 3 business days!

We solve the two most important hurdles local businesses have… Keeping existing customers and reaching out to new ones.


RezConnect Social Hubs offers subscribers crazy awesome solutions to begin the dance for deals that are close to home, and local businesses a simple way to connect with the community. When your business subscribes by filling out a Free Listing , we work together to set up and recruit raving fans to join exclusive deals right to the email or SMS inbox for local sales engagements. The best part? With every new contact small to medium size businesses are able to recruit raving fans and assist local charities, schools, ministries, and special causes through different associations and communities.


To align resources together that provide synergy and innovative solutions to small businesses that works within an enterprise managed service to improve performance, best practices & business processes.


A consultative sales approach for small businesses providing solutions for operations, marketing, finance, analytics, loyalty, and technical security & support on the subjects of information systems, software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, digital marketing, mobile solutions, managed services, payment processing, payroll and HR processing.


Represent developers and companies who offer WL products, SaaS and PaaS and other solutions for small businesses. The objective is to partner and grow passive income that gives back to our community.

Today by partnering we can offer our customers and members an extensive, flexible suite of business solutions, tailored to meet individual needs. What does a partnership mean?  

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